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by - 21.6.17

Actually there is more than these, but remember I’m not writing #myfavoriteplaylist which was ever hype on Instagram, I’d like to share my recent playlist (nowadays), just in case you are curious ;p I know ... mostly is an old song which was listened in high school, yes, my music taste is so old fashion hehe

These playlist picked randomly from my music folder, it means ... I’m not in broken heart mode or whatever that makes me looks so miserable. I’m choosing these song because I want to hear it. You can make it as reference if you bored with your playlist.

Mocca – I Remember
Keira Knightley – Like A Fool
Aditia Sofyan – Adelaide Sky
One Direction – History
Sandy Sondhoro – Tak Pernah Padam
Santana Feat. Michelle Branch – The Game of Love
Andre Hehanusa – Karena Ku Tahu Engkau Begitu
Switchfoot – Always
Barasuara – Bahas Bahasa
The Beach Boy – Wouldn’t It Be Nice
Gloria Jessica –  A Sky Full of Stars

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