Hello ~

I'm Lestari Utami.
The one behind of what you are reading now.

Basically, I was graduated from Product Design major which is known as Industrial Designer or just Designer. I had been working as project manager and ending up as product designer focusing on women shoes + bags + etc. 
But in parellel lyfe, I'm busy to catching up my dreams, living my life and enjoy being myself. Well ... A salmon's doesn't need to following the path to be herself rite? 🐟🐟🐟

Lyfe is hard nowadays, so ... being myself should be a struggle 😜

I'm officially writing blog since 2006, the same year when I got my first laptop and had a Friendster account. My early writings about boarding school lyfe and the drama inside was written on http://demilestari.multiply.com, unfortunately www.multiply.com was destroyed almost a decade ago because of a reasons. 

Then, because writing diary in college was so yesterday, I made this blog as a lovely nest to escape from deadline terrors and project drunk. Also a space between my renthouse-work, online game and movie marathon.

The reason why I named this blog by Demilestari is because it's was simply than Bellatrix Nonon or Mbak Cantik or anything that I think is so me 😉. Yeahh ... there are many Lestari Utami out there, I just want people's find me easily. Beside that, Demilestari is an acronym of my real name, so would you please stop guessing the idea behind my so-called naturalist name? Thank you.

Demilestari is about what is interesting and curious about also every (little) things in beetwen of my mind. Mostly about (personal) lyfe style 💋, place where I checked in 👀, my favorite solace 💝, my random journal 🕮, the artsy fartsy studio 
that I made by tears 😂 and love 😍 and the extra ✓. FYI. Some of the post would be update recently, some was changed or deleted, but I kept the rest still to remind me where I come from.

My writings is daily based with some extras and a little bit sarcasm *ehe So, all the thoughts and the opinions on this blog is mine. 

I'm inspired often by cool feed's on Instagram and cheap joke's on Twitter, it's more interesting than reading hoax stat's on Facebook nor seeing people's life on Path (RIP). Sometimes I did blogwalking to find out people's thoughts and reading products review for spending time.

Thanks for stoping by, wish you enjoy it as laying on the bed in rainy sunday morning  ☁

Under the blanket 💤
And a cup of tea 🍵

Peace ☮, Love 💖 & Gawl 🎧

All hail to the homebody 💞