Work Smart, Play Hard, Running Faster.

by - 29.1.17

So ... where should I begin?

Somebody whose exciting turn into 27 has told me about “life begins at 27”, she seems happy and pretty when saying that. At that time I didn’t really notice because I’m still under 25 and 27 is a little far hehe


Suddenly I’m 27!

Time flies so fast. I still remember the day I write New Year resolution nearly midnight, trying to understand what I really looking for to the next year and trying to figuring out what should I do to make it happen.

If you had been watching Forrest Gump, you must be remember the scene when Forrest and his mother stay in bed before she is gone. She  said “life is like a box of chocolate, you don’t know what you get” to Forrest.

Yap, you don’t know what you get until you took and tasted.

Because in life, sometimes ... you can’t have what you want because of a reasons. Indonesian should know about Manusia yang merencanakan, Tuhan yang menentukan phrase that learnt in school. It means, we are trained for accept that condition (of can’t have what you want because of a reasons)  undirectly.

OK. Forget about New Year resolution. Most of them failed no longer it was written.

What I write is not only about me for the next year, maybe it’s about my life for the rest. A new life statement that should be put on 5 cm from (my) forehead.

Work smart.

Play hard.

Running faster.

Why isn’t Eat. Pray. Love?

You know ... It’s too Jullia Roberts (^.^)

When technology makes life easier, there is a chance of impossible things. I want to be a smart worker on minimax concept, it means a huge result without too many efforts hahaha How it become? By skillls. So ... I should gaining skills until being an experts.

This is the best part, play hard. When travelling I always  wondered that everything seems different and interesting from another angle. It’s brighten me because I’m on fire. No matter where is the destinations, I wish to travelling a lot.

Dear God. I wish ... no, I request ... a travelife partner whose living passionate, like Mario & Dita (^.^)

FYI. I’d like to write ‘nice to sea you’ rather ‘vitamin sea’ on Instagram caption.

Runnning faster means I should preparing myself to pursuing my lost behind, the hiatus is very bothered me because it has took so much time than it should be. There is a leap year of my lifeline. I want to be equal and more, even it means I should working harder than other ... twice or thrice.

Those are mine. So how about you?

I’m absolutely sure it would be an enchanted journey.

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