Fitri + Ryan

by - 14.7.17

Dear Pici,

Congratulation for your wedding!!! 🎇🎇🎇

We are so happy for you Cong, really happy. Seeing you smiling on the stage with Ryan showing off the certificate of marriage after Ijab Qabul is one of our greatest moment. Because finally ... you are sold out 😂😂😂

Sorry for the failed bachelorette trip that we ever plan before, the universe isn’t on your side ...

When others celebrate their bestfriend bridal shower in a cute café or open room in a hotel, did a ‘bachelorette’ things such as wearing a dress code, dolled up as Jeng Kellin and walking around to take a pictures with everyone.

We aren’t.

Because we are know how would you react into those fancy stuff and girly things. Striking your I-don’t-care pose and smirking your face for saying ‘what the hell are you doing?’ or ‘are you joking on me?’😁

Yes. Bridal shower is too out of y/our style.

Universe has gave the fierce backdrop, it cost much than a D.I.Y. paper flowers or an initial ballons. We don’t need a dress code, because we had a similar taste on it. Nor the accessories, we don’t need a fake crown or a pageant ribbon written ‘soon to be Mrs. Ryan’ and ‘best bridesmaid ever’ because we are a Salmon’s. 🐟🐟🐟

Those is the reason why bachelorette trip is righten instead of bachelorette party. Perhaps someday we could make an after marriage trip for you, just in case ... you still interesting about that. Or maybe ... it should be m(in)e bachelorette trip hehe 😜

We understand if now you will see everything differently, being a wife isn’t same as being a single. It’s a life phase ... You just pass it through earlier than us. Off course ... someday we would getting married as you did, we are on the way to find out who is he ðŸ˜‡

Wish you all the best things in life, living up the dream with your lifetime partner and be yourself. 

Keep calm and wait our wedding invitation ðŸ“¨

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