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by - 8.1.18

Hi! Welcome to my This or That post, the unnecessary fact of me 😁 Truthfully, This or That was hype a looooonnnnnggggg time ago ... the early year of blogging (CMIIW) and I’m very interested about it since found accidentally on someone’s blog which am forget who is she/he. Well ... it’s kinda of a quiz or test about ourselves and you can do this in your spare time or when you are boring.

To get know how it worked let’s check mine first 😉

1. Meat or Fish
Fish, even it always got me allergic 😨

2. Beef or Chicken
I’m flexible 😼

3. Shrimp or Squid
Eymmm ... Can I choose both?

4. Crab or Oyster

5. Tuna or Salmon

6. Bake or Roast
I’m on which side Satai is 💃

7. Opor or Gulai
This is gonna be hard ... but Gulai teased me well.

8. Rawon or Gudeg
Gudeg. Then Rawon 👌

9. Hati or Ampela
Since I hate Ampela, I always choose Hati.

10. Nugget or Sausage
I want full set of French Fries haha

11. Tahu or Tempe
Absolutely Tempe and Mendoan is the greatest culinary invention ever.

12. Omelette or Sunny Side Up
Omelette. Well ... Since I saw chicken embrio in Biology book I had a low interest of egg, especially a half cooked egg, beside that I’m allergic on protein that caused mostly by egg 😢, so ... I’ll try my best to decrease the egg consumption.

13. Soto Bandung or Soto Lamongan
Soto Bandung.

14. Nasi Kuning or Nasi Uduk
Nasi Uduk.

15. Nasi Goreng or Nasi Liwet
I’m into Nasi Goreng 😚

16. Nasi Goreng or Nasi Padang
Yha~ Sorry but my heart has changed 🙇 I choose Nasi Padang.

17. Bakso Malang or Bakso Aci
As long as it’s not Bakso Urat I’m okay.

18. Bakso Tahu or Batagor

19. Mie Ayam or Mie Bakso
Is there other option? Like Cuankie maybe? *ehe 😋

20. Lomie or Kwetiaw

21. Sushi or Dim Sum
Dim Sum.

22. Spaghetti or Pasta

23. Ramen or Udon
I didn’t like Udon, so I choose Ramen.

24. Indomie or Supermie
Indomie seleraku ... 💘

25. Goreng or Kuah
Goreng. Then Kuah ... I love both.

26. Ketoprak or Pecel
Ketoprak! Then Pecel 😉

27. Lotek or Karedok
Lotek. Eh, Karedok. Eh, Lotek. Eh, Karedok. Eh ... Eh ... Eh ... Gado-gado ... ?

28. Martabak Manis or Martabak Telor
I used buy both, seriously ... 😊

29. Bubur Menado or Bubur Regular
Bubur Menado! Also ... don’t add kecap on my Bubur Regular and never try to stir it.

30. Rujak Ulek or Rujak Bebek
Well ... Rujak Bebek!

31. Doughnut or Pizza
Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

32. Baguette or Kadet

33. Cake or Pastry
There always a space for Pastry on my tummy hehe

34. Klappetart or Soes

35. Lemper or Ketan Gurih
Can I eat this NOW? 😐

36. Kue Ape or Bola Bola Ubi
Ahh ... I’m confused.

37. Pukis or Bandros
So with this.

38. Cilok or Cimol

39. Seblak or Lumpia Basah

40. Cakue or Kue Cubit
Hemehhh ... 😪

41. Nextar or Good Time
Nextar Choco Delight ~

42. Hello Panda or Papa Puff
Papa Puff

43. Anak Emas or Mie Gemezzz
Absolutely Anak Emas 👦👧

44. Lays or Chitato
Both! + Pringles.

45. Ultrajaya or Frisian Flag
I’m a loyal costumer or Frisian Flag.

46. Tea or Coffee
Mineral water please ...

47. Milk or Yogurt
Yogurt + Yakult + Strawberry.

48. Dawet or Wedang
Wedang. But I love Dawet too.

49. Cincau or Cendol

50. Es Serut or Es Puter
Yha~ I love everthing that Mang-Mang SD sell 😍😍😍

Isn’t this fun? Haha Actually I think 50 isn’t enough, Id like to add more but remember you would be bored I finish by 50, maybe later I would like to create This or That sequel or maybe create This or That in different version, movie or book or ... do you have any suggestions? Please let me know ...

Thank you for read my This or That : Food post, see you in next This or That 👄.

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