This or That: (several) Movie I Watched

by - 19.3.18

Since the Oscar was hype ... almost a month ago hehe I would like to share my This or That about movie I had watch, not-too-related-into-Oscar actually ... except the movie keyword hehe Because this This or That list is my watch based, I’m very sorry if you couldn’t find your favorite movie on this list, maybe I not watching yet or ... forget about it. Please let me know your recommendation movie by comment, wish I could watch it later.

1.  La La Land or (500) Day of Summer
(500) Day of Summer.

2. Les Miserable or The Greatest Showman
Les Miserable, The Greatest Showman enough good but need more character development.

3. 50 First Dates or The Proposal
50 First Dates because I like the sountrack (Would’t It Be Nice by The Beachboy) ... and The Proposal because I can’t deny Ryan Reynolds charm.

4. Love, Sex and Drugs or Friend With Benefit
I love both, even felt tired when saw the scene hehe

5. The Ugly Truth or Life as We Know It
Life as We Know It.

6. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button or The Age of Adaline
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

7. The Theory of Everything or A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful Mind.

8. The Fault In Our Stars or A Walk To Remember
The Fault In Our Stars.

9. Midnight In Paris or Vanilla Sky
Both! Owen Wilson is the best hehe

10. The Lake House or The Notebook
The Lake House, because I like that glass house, also Keanu Reeves hehe

11. The Pursuit of Happiness or Changing Lines
Changing Lines.

12. Inception or Upside Down
Both is had a similar concept and I love, but I chose Inception because I’m in wating of Inception 2.

13. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty or Ruby Spark
Both is nice, Ruby Spark is came with the great story and The Secret of Walter Mitty came by the deepest desire of a regular employee. I choose both hehe

14. The Adjustment Bureau or Me Before You
Even Me Before You made me cry, the story od The Asjustment Bureau is more interesting.

15. Get Out or This Is The End
This Is The End is the best!

16. We Bought A Zoo or The Odd Life of Timothy Green
We Bought A Zoo

17. Little Miss Sunshine or Captain Fantastic
I should admit that Captain fantastic give me new perspective about being a modern hippie in this millennials era, but the stor itself is flew in the air especially in the end. so, I choose Little Miss Sunshine.

18. 127 Hours or Into The Wild
I always love James Franco movie even it's nothing, but Into The Wild is more interesting hehe

19.  Jerry Maguire or Patch Adams
Well ... the first time I watch Patch Adams in in Creative Thinking course at collage, the movie made me cried over and over, it's very touchy, I recommend this movie to you guys ...

20. Hotel Rwanda or Schindler List
Both is awesome!

21. The King Speech or The Darkest Hour
The King Speech, it's more personal ...

22. The Pianist or The Imitation Game
The Imitation Game.

23. Good Will Hunting or Dead Poet Society
Most of people would recommending these movie as all the time favorite, but for me both is only 'enough' good.

24. 3 Idiots or Hidden Figures
Both is genius, but i love Janelle Monae hehe

25. Oldboy or The Gift
The Gift.

26. The Loft or The Beach
Actually ... I love The Beach more but The Loft has a bundle of cool guys hehe

27. The Great Gatsby or Love Me if You Dare
The Great Gatsby ... Then Love Me If You Dare

28. Forest Gump or Catch Me If You Can
Forest Gump, no matter how I love Leonardo Dicaprio on Catch Me If You Can.

29. The Prestige or Now You See Me
I love both, difficult to decide ...

30. The Den or Nerve
Nerve! Because I'm so millennials

31. The Purge or The Guest
I'm dizzy watch The Purge

32. The Nightcrawler or The Voices
The Voices! 

33. The Lovely Boner or Perfume
Perfume, because I reed the book.

34. The Girl With Dragon Tatto or Predestination
PREDESTINATION!!! You should watch it!

35. The Matrix or Tron
The Matrix! I love Trinity neat hair.

36. Pacific Rim or Real Steel
Pacific Rim and I wish the sequel is going well.

37. G.I. Joe or The A Team
The A Team!

38. Star Wars or Star Trek
Star Trek, because I should wait a years for Star Wars.

39. Inglorious Bastard or Valkryrie
Maybe Valkyrie ... because Inglorious Bastard haven’t a smooth storyline.
40. Olympus Has Fallen or White House Down
Both is had a similar theme, but I prefer Channing Tatum version.

41. Pans Labyrinth or The Shape of Water
I love both. But the Pans Labyrinth concept is blown my mind than The Shape of Water, yes , I knew it’s Guillermo Del Torro baby but for me The Shape of Water impression isn’t great as Pans Labyrinth. Go watch Pans Labyrinth if curious hehe

42. Mrs. Peregrin and The Peculiar Children or The Unfortunate Events of Lemony Snickets
The Unfortunate Events of Lemony Snickets.

43. The Lords of The Rings or The Hobbit

44. Gravity or The Martian
The Martian, Gravity makes me hopeless

45. Oblivion or Interstellar
Interstellar off course ...

46. The Space Between Us or Tomorrowland
The Space Between Us even it's so cheesy hahaha

47. The Hunger Games or The Maze Runner
Still The Maze Runnner 

48. Divergent or The Giver
Actually ... i'm tired with dystophia theme ...

49. The Social Network or The Internship
Absolutely The Internship.

50. The Grand Budapest Hotel or Moonrise Kingdom
I love the tone color of both, but The Grand Budapest Hotel had a deep storyline than Moonrise Kingdom.

😫😫😫 50 isn't enough hehe ... if you want to know more about my movie list, check my LetterBoxD account.

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