This or That : What Would I’d Rather To Be

by - 23.4.18

Hi! Welcome to April’s this or that post, the theme is ... what would I’d rather to be (if I choosed to reincarnate)☻. Yes, I’m inspired by Along The God’s movie, where the reincarnation is the only matter things after the death. I didn’t knew yet about the death because I’m still alive, so with you ... ehh you’re still alive right? 😊 ehehe Beside that in my belief there is no reincarnation thingy, we only belief that we should waiting until the judgement day before to put in heaven or hell. So, why couldn’t I let myself imagine about it? ⌣

What would I’d rather to be? (if I choosed to reincarnate)

1. Human or Inhuman (animals, plants or aliens)
Absolutely human!

2. Man or Woman
I enjoyed being myself  💙💙💙

3. My parent’s child or Other parent’s child
I wish stay the same.

4. The only child or Siblings
I need a friends! I don’t want to be alone and ... lonely hehe

5. Brother or Sister
I wish both.

6. First, Middle or Last child
If I can choose, I’d like to be middle child because I will have an older and younger siblings.

7. Twins or No twins
Twins seems interesting 😏

8. I am twins or Twins siblings
I believe more sibling more happiness and ... fight 😂😂😂

9. Older brother or Younger brother
Both, i don’t mind.

10. Older sister or Younger sister
Both, i don’t mind too. I don’t want too cleaning up the house or preparing dishes in great days alone. 

11. Earth or Other planets

12. Land or Naval
Land, for a reasonable lyfe.

13. Asian or Europe
Europe, I wanna that blue eyes!

14. Arabian or Latina
Latina is so sexy, beside that the Arabian culture is very shocked.

15. African or Atlantis
Even Atlantis is very interesting, I’m very curious about living in Wakanda 😂😂😂😂😂

16. Indonesia or Malaysia or Brunei Darussalam or Singapore or Japan or Korea
No matter how chaotic and broke, I would like to choosing Indonesian as my country.

17. My hometown or other towns.
So with above, no matter how unknownly my hometown, I would like to choosing Subang as my hometown.

18. Garut or Bandung
Actually, I’d love to live in Garut because I spent around 6 years in there and I was enjoying every minutes of it. Bandung is a nice place for living and work but I missed more my old Bandung as in my childhood.

19. Born in poverty but raised well or Born in wealth but raised bad
None. I’d like to prefer born in wealth and raised well 😂😂😂

20. Parents or Single parent
Absolutely parents!

21. Public school or Boarding school
Boarding school! I wish I can turn back the time ...

22. Sains or Social or Linguistic
I’d love to be socialist and interesting in linguistic.

23. State university or Overseas university

24. Architect or Designer
Architect if you don’t mind ... like Ted Mosby 👏👏👏

25. Interior designer or Visual designer
Interior designer sounds nearby with architect thingy, and I shoud admit that I often thinking about “why I didn’t choose interior designer major in college?”.

26. Fashion designer or Industrial designer
Off course industrial designer, fashion is the part of us.

27. Freelance or Mobile
Mobile sounds good because it means I kept the job.

28. Working for myself or Working for someone else
Hey! Are you kidding me? I’m the CEO of my own company 👑

29. Studio or Workshop

30. Offline store or Offline store
Can I have both? 😜

31. Blogger or Vlogger
I’m still into blog. Maybe next time I become vlogger.

32. Writer or Photographer
Blog provided both.

33. Artist or Crafter

34. DIY or Recycler
Recycler for the better future.

35. Painter or Sketcher
Painter is so oldschool.

36. Chef or Barista

37. Fashionista or Geek
Geek is cool.

38. Moviegoers or Partygoers
I love watching movie.

39. Bookworm or Sport junkie
I didn’t like to sweat.

40. Traveller or Adventurer
My lyfe. My adventure!

41. A lot of friends or A few friends
A few friends that known me so well is worthy 💗

42. A cool friends or A popular friends
A cool friends ! Because I would be like them.

43. A funny friends or A cute friends
Cute is never enough.

44. A lovely friends or A loyal friends
I’m in loyal to you.

45. A good friends or A care friends
The carest one.

46. Follow the dream or Follow the heart
Heart is the root of the dreams.

47. Passion or Desire

48. Me VS The worlds or The worlds VS Me
What’s the different? When the worlds decided tp against me it means I’m the only one whom worthed enough to be her rival.

49. Being myself or Being someone else
Absolutely being my self. Lyfe is hard but being yourself is a struggle 💘💘💘

50. Eym ... Still thinking about reincarnation?

IDK with you but when I wrote this post, I felt to saw myself and talked about what I’m really want to rather than what would I’d rather to be (if I choosed to reincarnate) 😂 hehe It’s offside. But I’m glad to knew that I’m always enjoy and happy for being myself not anyone else, maybe the only thing that I couldn’t be deal with is the situation isn’t always on my side. Do you felt the same?

I’m not Bruce Almighty anyway ...

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