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by - 5.2.18

Hi! Welcome (again) to my This or That post, the unnecessary fact of my me 😂 This month (yes, it's gonna be monthly post) This or That theme is 90's show that fullfil my childhood amazingly. I'm very sure you feel the same 😂 Let's check them out!

1. Doraemon or Mojacko
Absolutely Doraemon, they bring me new stuff every Sunday! 

2. Pokemon or Digimon
Pokemon! because I missed Digimon a lot.

3. Chibi Maruko Chan or Kobo Chan
I love both ... but yeah, I'm choosing Maruko because it's remind me about mine relationsip with my sister.

4. Sailor Moon or Wedding Peach
Sailor Moon! And I want to be Sailor Venus, then Sailor Uranus, then Sailor Saturn, also Sailor Pluto.

5. Minky Momo or Cardcaptor Sakura
Eym ... Minky Momo.

6. Detective Conan or Shinichi Kudo
No one can beat him 💋

7. Crayon Shinchan or Kariage Kun
Both is gross haha but I choose Kariage Kun.

8. One Piece or Avatar
Avatar because I love Prince Zuko.

9. Hagemaru or Dr. Slump (Arale)
Wajah besar ... Wajah besar ... Wajah besar ... TIDAAKKK!!! 

10. Slam Dunk or Death Note
I still can't believe I watched all episode of Slam Dunk but too lazy for read the comics. BTW, why people's love Hanamichi more than Sendoh as I did? 💗 The idea of writing your enemy name on death note is great and that's makes me wanna have one!

11. Ninja Rantaro or Ninja Hattori
Ninja Hattori and the theme songs is epic.

12. Candy-Candy or Miracle Girls
I want to be Mikage *loph

13. Remi or Hatchi The Bee
Remi. I even bought the noddles hehe

14. Saint Seiya or Shulato
Actually I already forgot how the story was, but as I remember I watched Shulato often than Saint Seiya.

15. Ikyu San or Ranma 1/2
Ikyu San first, then Ranma 1/2, I love both!

16. P-Man or Astroboy
P-Man! P-Man! P-man!

17. Rocky Rocket or Hamtaro
Yha~ It's tough decision ... Hamtaro!

18. Makibao or Nono Chan
None is my favorite, but at least for me Makibao is funnier than Nono Chan.

19. Inuyasha or Samurai X
Samurai X maybe ...

20. Atashincan or Dragon Balz
Dragon Balz.

21. Sylvester and Tweety or Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry! 

22. Flinstone or Scooby Doo
Flinstone, the idea of rock city is blown my mind.

23. Johny Quest or Ghostbuster
Johny Quest and Bandit is the best.

24. Conan the Barbarian or Gundam
Conan The Barbarian.

25. Telletubies or Pingu
Pingu! 💇🐧🐧

26. The Simpsons or South Park
IDK why but for me South Park is harder to understand than The Simpsons

27. Pinky and The Brain or Dexter Laboratory
The sarcasm of Pinky and The Brain is stole my mind.

28. Powerpuff Girls or Odd Parents
Absolutely Powerpuff Girls and I choose to be Bubbles.

29. Hey Arnold or Dennis The Menace
Hey Arnold!

30. Sonic The Hedgedog or Marsupilami

31. Dodo or Woody Woodpecker
Come on ... Woody Woodpecker is great haha

32. Popeye or Casper
Popeye The Sailor Man ... even Olive Oil too skinny as pencil.

33. UFO Baby or Baby Huey
Baby Huey makes me crazy heuheu so I choose UFO Baby

34. Felix The Cat or Garfield
Felix The Cat.

35. Tazmanian Devil or Bugs Bunny
Bugs Bunny!

36. Dora The Explorer or Blues Clues
Blues Clues

37. Kim Possible or Ben10
Kim Possible

38. Super Mario Bros or Don King Kong
Don King Kong

39.Ultraman or Kamen Rider

40. Might Morphin Power Rangers or Jiban

41. Keluarga Cemara or Rindu Rindu Aizawa
Even there is a rival no one can beat them hehe Keluarga Cemara is the epic family movie that represent the Indonesian at that time. Selamat pagi emak ... Selamat pagi Abah ... Mentari pagi ini berseri indah ... ☼ 🌥But I should admit that Rindu Rindu Aizawa is my favorite too, that poor girl got my attention every noon, I still remember her yellow front pocket and the dog named Ryu 🐕.

42. Vampire movies or Boboho movies
I love both, I even ran from my school in Saturday just for watching the vampire movie, Sammo Hung and the priest is the most capable duo for vampire genre. Also the Boboho movies is funniest movie at that time, especially the fat one ... and his girlfriend wanna be that remind me about Junko (Giants sister on Doraemon).

43. The Legend of White Snakes or The Legend of The Condor Heroes
Yoko is a legend and I didn't mind become Bibi Lung 😇 When I was a little Yoko things is very hype, my friend at school (mostly boys) is very like to act as Yoko, they like to bond their arm and pretend to against ... who is she? Okay, let says ... enemy lady that chasing them everywhere. BTW, Andy Lau never looked so glowing as his character on The Legend of The Condor Heroes. I watched The Legend of White Snake too and love to the White Snake because she is beautiful but too scary  to see the snakes.

44. Sun Go Kong or Wiro Sableng or Si Buta Dari Goa Hantu
The journey to the west of priest Tom Sam Cong is give me a lot of incredible visualization about sophiscated digital technique, the story itself is very interesting because the journey is full of drama. Wiro Sableng is nice but I think sometimes the contents if for adult hehe 

45. Hercules or Xena The Warrior Princess or Sinbad
I love them all! Thank you Kevin Sorbo for being a good looking Hercules without extra muscles haha I watched them all consistently. But I love Gabrielle more than Xena because Gabrielle is beautiful haha At that time I was think about crossover serial, how if Hercules, Xena and Sinbad united as a serial like Avenger nowadays hehe

45. Amigos X Siempre or Maria Belen or Dulce Maria
I finished them all hehe but I should admit that Amigos X Siempre is the most entertaining series at that time, I love Lourdes than Belinda hihihi and I choose Rafael than Martin.

46. Tralala Trilili or ABC (Arena Bocah Cuiliikkk ...)
Tralala Trilili ... 

47. Saras 008 or Pandji Manusia Millenium
Seriously? I dislike both.

48. Anak Ajaib or Tuyul dan Mbak Yul
R u kidding me?

49. Bidadari or Lorong Waktu
Hmm ... Bidadari because ChaCha is Cinderella alike.

50. Jin dan Jun or Jinny Oh Jinny
It seems the genie is Doraemon in real dimensions.

While creating this list I was thinking about how happy amazing my childhood, so many adorable thing that was gave to us (as a children) and thanks God we're so gratefull being the part of 90's. 💓💓💓

But in other side I was feeling so ashamed ... Why no one create the show as they did in 90s? I mean there is so much good content and messages that delivered so well to us by using the show. Yeah ... world changed so with the peoples *eh

See you when I see you on the next This or That post next month! 😊

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