Playlist That My Mom Love The Most

by - 23.12.15

Here is My Mom favorite playlists which she got from mine (playlist), It's nice to share the songs to my mother.

Billie Holiday - Blue Moon
I forgot from who I got this song, I thought it's suddenly appears on my playlist (^.^) When my mom ask new song for her playlist, I gave this, because this song is ear catching and heard so unique. My mother like this song and asked another Billy Holiday songs after.

This song is remind me about the classy cartoons of MGM (Metro Goldwin Meyer), most of their episode used this kind of songs as parts, meanwhile it's appears as black people band and dance. I don't know in which areas Billie Holiday was, maybe in jazz, maybe in blues, or both? I didn't know yet.

I rarely found Billie Holiday song sang on TV before, until one day ... in X-Factor Indonesia stage, there is a shopkeeper boy whom came from Jawa Tengah sang Billie Holiday song, Gloomy Sunday. Off course his voice isn't good as another contestants (please accept my apologize), but he tried to sang this song in Billy Holiday way so well, he did it and I can't belive it.

The X-Factor Indonesian judges was so surprised with him. That boy explains that he picked Glommy Sunday because he like that song, actually, he like Billie Holiday. He spent much time in cafe internet (warnet) search everythings about, he learnt how to sing by himself, that's why he went to X-Factor Indonesia. For learn how to singing well.

He passed on early stage of The X-Factor Indonesian elimination, but he defeated on the next stage. The The X-Factor Indonesian judges seen his curiousity and enthusiasm but still can't helping him to increasing his skill instantly, that boy accept the decision and left the stage smiling, I knew ... he got the highest reach of his life and it's enough.

My mom said "I thought if he sing Blue Moon on this stage, he will pass ..."

Zoeey Deschanel - Sugar TownI knew this song after watched 300 Days of Summer, such a drama movie which is made me felt so anxious after, maybe because the story is (not) happy ending. In that movie, Summer (Zoeey Deschanel) is sang this song in a bar after working as new comer in the office. I got this song from my friend whom watched this movie, actually most of my friend falling in love with 300 Days of Summer, boys mostly.

My Mom loves the reff su ... su ... su ... su ... su ... su ... su ... su ... su ... su ... su ... su ... su ... su ... sugar town ... She thinks the songs sounds funny, because in Indonesian language susu meant milk and in Sundanese language susu meant breast.

My Mom said "su ... su ... su ... su ... hahahahahaha"

The Pierces - Secret I download this song after wathced Pretty Little Liars series, as long as I remember this song had been appears in Gossip Girls series, in masked ball scene while Blair and nate dance. This song is perfect used for that scene because everybody hide their identity behind the mask and the song tone so gloomy and mysterius, it's also match with the classy costumes.

At the first, I didn't so agree Pretty Little Liars used this song as sountrack, I thought this song isn't match with the character and storyline which is so 'teenager'. But, after a few episode, i realized, this song used because of the lyrics describing Pretty Little Liars storyline in generally, about someone whom kept a secrets until the death.

My Mom love the tempo, it's slow in early and more faster after.

My Mom said "This song is perfect for ball, the songs is so mysterious. Everybody must have a mask and evening dress".

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