3 Ways To Maintain Your Instagram Account

by - 4.8.17


1. Pick your interest

We always had a friend whom had a business on Instagram, when they are starting business we are always their first priority to following because the chance of following back is higher than if they are following the stranger. If the product they are sell isn't match with your interest, what are you gonna do? Follow or unfollow?

Well ... It depends on situation, appreciating your friends business is a must, but if you don't want to be spammed by the posts you don't like, you can unfollow. But in one condition ... don't forget to see their (friends business) account occasionally and double tap their post or give some comment to show your appreciation.

2. Unfollow deactive account

Have you remember about (every) account you followed in the early time had Instagram account? How much your followings? Which one is higher, followers or followings?

If you have a free time please check your followings, you may find many deactive accounts about things you think very interesting a years ago. You should double check to their acount (if you still remember) and if the account is lefted and didn't update anymore, let's unfollow! What do you expect from a deactive account?

3. Use collection fitur

Mostly women love to online shopping on Instagram, they are liked to search the latest trend and screencapturing the things they want to buy, they are also following the account to keep an eye on it. But when Instagram algoritma's changed, what they did before isn't working anymore.

Instagram timeline nowadays is showing the account that we see and double tap often as the first rather than showing the post based on timeline. So the account that we rarely see or update is on low percentage to see.

Collection fitur is very helpful to keep a post that we want to see everytime we want to see, and yes ... we shouldn't have to follow the account.

Wish you have a time for do it, happy cleaning!

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