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I tried to designing a package of medicine box, just in case someday I need to design that :p hehe I starting by designing a Polyjuice box. Polyjuice? Have you heard about it before? Then, if you are a Harry Potter fans or at least ever watch the movie in TV, you should be know what it is Polyjuice.
So. Why I decided to designing Polyjuice box rather than anything else?

It’s simple, because a couple days ago I watched The Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them, Newt Scamander’s suitcase remind me about Mad Eye Moody suitcase, he is trapped inside suitcase because his enemy need his body part to made a Polyjuice.

In Harry Potter world Polyjuice was known a potion that would change someone appearance into whatever they like, peoples just need to adding someone body part such as hair, nail or blood to Polyjuice.

I’m using green as a main color of icon because green identically with potion and monster, why monster? Because sometimes there is an accident caused by Polyjuice, peoples whom adding the wrong body part to Polyjuice would ended up in hospital for malfunction case. Also, the Polyjuice itself is has a green color.

The eye of icon represent the first impression of people whom seeing their first appearance after drink Polyjuice. Like peeking in the key hole, curious and carefully.

I also added 4 main character of The Fantastic Beast and Where To Find Them as a face reference.

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