Once Upon A Time

by - 18.7.16

I have been waiting for a long time for someone whom understand me just at the first sight, someone whom known me better than anyone else, someone whom would give me the answers that I craved for so long.

Maybe I asked to much. But curiousity is thirstiest, isn’t it?

I can’t counting how many peoples came and go, tried to open out my (limited) mind and persuaded me, told me that they were the same as me and I needed them as I needed my glasses.

I know someone like you, she is bla  bla bla ... I understand what do you feel, I also feel the same bla bla bla ... You know what? We are in one frequency bla bla bla ... We are connected in a mysterious way bla bla bla ... Maybe this is the right time for me to meet you bla bla bla ... you name it Hon!

I’m exhausted.

I need more than a long conversation of the topic I already knew from internet nor the book I finished while eating, I lost my appetite when they repeated my words as they own it. The fact, I loathed the way they pretend I don’t know what they are talking about, seems I watching how to serve Indomie on Youtube.

Google has had everything, so please give me something that Google hasn’t had.

BTW, how could they think I could trust someone just by their words or because we connected (as they said) in mysterious way, such an accidentally meet on the perfect time. Come on guys ...

I really appreciated how they tried to made me felt so special, a rare items on online games, a limited edition type or one in a million of minions. They wish me wanted them as they wanted me, mesmerized me by a chance of discovering an astral world that I’m not really intresting about.

Err ...

All this time, I might always locked my lips like a silent readers on social media timeline, always shown a little interesting to every hints that leads me into a tricky conversations, always looking so bored to every conversation we had been through. Because I knew, playing dumb is the quickest way to end those meaningless conversations.  

They were there, waiting patiently for me to share my (other) mind, even sometimes they pointly toward asking. Actually, I don’t mind as long as I want to, not because to ... So, the problem is, I still looking for that on.

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