It's doodling time

by - 13.2.16

Since (flower) doodling is booming last year, I’m so tempted and curious about it ... I usually seen many people (or people I followed) posted their doodling. Most of them used watercolor and gouache (a.k.a cat poster).

Then, after so many trials and errors, and used a sort of tools. I reveal that I prefer to used marker than watercolor or gouache, the main reason is marker had bold effect and clean, I mean no need to prepare brush, palet, water etc such as watercolor and gouache.

For every doodle, I started by using mechanic pencil for rough sketch, in light tensions. Then, I using marker to make the line more clear. After that I using other marker to fill the empty space of doodle. The shape and colors is depend on my imagination, sometimes I used marker directly without pencil sketchs.

But, for watercolor it could be more difficult because I need more time for drying the paper, also, it’s needs more than once for coloring. And the most important things before doodling is to made some items details such as flower shape and colors. It would help during doodling.

Here is mine ...

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