Warming Up!

by - 2.7.18


A couple month ago I saw @ditut tweeting about free licensed version of Adobe Sketchbook software. Wow. It’s very nice to know that my most-wanted software is free hehe ... I use often free trial before. So, I asking my sister to give me back the Wacom that she’s claimed since I’m in college, actually ... Sketchbook is mouse friendly eventhough it would be great by use Wacom or Cintiq, well ... I didn’t have Cintiq hehe 😛

I just want to practice again, the last time I used Sketchbook is when in college and it’s only for random doodles. It’s quite hard hehe ... 😫 I tried my best but the result isn’t as good as I expected, maybe I need to practice harder ... 💞

But yes, I need to warming up my finger 😘  
Because Sketchbook X Wacom is still on my deal, I’m trying to warming up my finger by ... the basic design software, Microsoft Power Point 🆒. No I’m kidding 😉 hehe by Corel Draw X6. I used my skincare and make up as the objects because they’re on my desk, the nearest objects that I saw and touch everyday. Beside that, who doesn’t love ‘em? 😉

Please welcome ... My ... Let’s say ... Warming up project hehe 😋

All illustration credits is belong to Lestari Utami

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