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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Euphoria

Because I’m still crazy about Harry Potter things and still into it, especially after watching Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, I can’t stop myself distracted hehe..

I spent my days by doodling, at this time I used Corel Draw not Power Point as usually. As I said before, practices makes perfect ... I drew Newt Scamander, Jacob Kowalski and Goldstein sisters for fun. Actually, I want to draw the beasts from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, but there is only a few of reference pictures and most of them had a small resolution, so ... it’s delayed.

Maybe I would like to draw in watercolor version.

Sorry for the  unperfection, it’s only my expectation ...

Once Upon A Time In Virtualyfe

Social media nowadays is very helping, you could know about somebody personalities just by checking their social media content. I’m not a stalker because they posted what they want me to see, the people whom think their life was spying is the real stalker.

Let me tell you, a personal background check and a friend personal background check is showed from where they were, a pictures and a places they are checking in is showed how the way they want people seeing them or what they want to be, a videos and a shared links is showed what they are interesting about, a chats and comments under pictures showed how they are lived.

Peoples whom gaved love on Instagram doesn’t always really love the pictures, sometimes they are only appreciated. Peoples whom does loving you is always checking your account even you posted nothing.

Peoples prefer to update their Instagram story than a reguler Instagram post just because they could see who was seen the post. As simple as remove it later.

Don’t blame someone who rarely share their love life on social media, no matter how much the tagged pictures or mentioned comments. Maybe it’s a hidden statement of an open invitation ‘I’m still available, come to get me baby!’. The truth is they are (still) waiting the right person that worth to post.

Do you still checking your Twitter? If you found someone whom like tweeting in ‘your time’ and keep retweeting about theirselves until spamming your timeline, don’t worry ... nowadays it called a self(ish) branding. They are just need you to notice their existence.

Path? Ohh ... a good choice social waving check hehe You don’t need to post a lot like Twitter or spammed, just be carefull to get dumped from inner circle.

But, if you really really really want to know about somebody, just check their blog or website. You would know their mind, a sort of daily live report in writings.

A Very Coming Soon

Subang ke Bandung

“Subang tuh dimana yah?”, “Gue pernah lewat sih, tapi gak pernah mampir”, “Tau ...  tau ... tapi belum pernah kesana hehe”, “Ohh ... kok baru denger ya? Emang dimana?”, “Eh, udah ada listrik belum di rumah kamu?”.

Begitulah ... komentar-komentar mengharukan ketika baru kenalan, seakan-akan I was lived in the middle of nowhere. Saking noticelessnya mereka baru ngeh ketika aku sebut Ciater, bukan Gunung Tangkuban Perahu yang main gatenya masuk wilayah Bandung meski sebenarnya ½  dari Gunung Tangkuban Perahu masuk wilayah Subang.

Kaya turis mancanegara yang lebih kenal Bali ketimbang Indonesia.

Jutaan kali aku bolak-balik dari Subang ke Bandung atau dari Bandung ke Subang, belum pernah sekalipun aku menemukan official transportation yang mengakomodir rute Subang-Bandung selain mobil Elf atau Elp yang suka ngetem lama di terminal.

Tidak ada bis untuk rute Subang-Bandung, kecuali bis dengan rute Bandung-Indramayu yang lewat ke Terminal Ledeng dari Terminal Leuwi Panjang. Still unofficial. Mungkin orang gak tahu Subang karena minim transportasi, karena itu juga orang lebih memilih menggunakan mobil pribadi atau nekat menggunakan motor.