Uncensored with Michael Ware : Fashion Week

by - 7.5.17

A couple day ago, I watched Uncensored with Michael Ware in National Geographic channel. At the first, I’m very confusing when seeing the theme tittle, it’s fashion. F-A-S-H-I-O-N.
Seriously? Fashion theme in NatGeo?

Yes! And you should go watch it.

Michael Ware is a honest man, yes it’s true, he didn’t lying when he commenting Kanye West fahion show by ‘it’s very boring’ and sharing his personal thought about who is should be called designer worthly.

Yep, he is not a man with a great taste of fashion, but he representing a people mind whose surprised to people whom released a clothing line because had a billions followers on IG and declaring himself as designer. The truth is, all over the world already knew he only buy the designs from designers whom working on him.

As a (fashion) designer want to be, I’m very agree with Michael Ware. If you called yourself as a designer you should be can designing, the people whom buy your designs and produced under his label couldn’t called designer, he called businessman.

FYI. The Kadarsihan’s is stole the spotlight than the show itself. They are ... cushionable.

The latest issue I reed about fashion week is the argue of fashion blogger existence, most of the fashion journalist think they are very annoying and didn’t had a journalist attitude. I understood, because fashion journalist spent a long process before release their writing, the critics is came from a research and (mostly) not by their personal taste. Beside that, this fashion business is theirs, so they had a right to be feel annoyed by the people whose never did the long process like them come instantly.  I think so ...

But let’s think about marketing side.

When they come into fashion show actually they didn’t really come as a fashion blogger, they are a fashion buzzer. That’s the the truth.

If you know, the real fashion blogger is not always glamourous as the common, the only one which makes them called fashion blogger is they are writing about fashion on their blog, they provide the fashion content seriously. I mean, they should had some research and analyzing before writing right.

Because sometimes they couldn’t get the pass for the fashion show or the events they are writing about.

But nowadays fashion blogger called is in grey area, are they really fashion blogger or just a fashion enthusiast? Sometimes, the social part took a bigger portion than fashion part. Too many events makes them forget how to writing because they are too busy take a selfie and write a caption.

So. In which part are you? The fashion journalist, the fashion blogger or the fashion enthusiast?

After watching several fashion show and peeking behind the stage Michael Ware think that fashion is a complex business where art and creative people working hard together to present a show just for us.

Fashion is an endless business, even everytime isn’t enough to show you how it live. Since fashion became the most prospective business, it was growth day after day. Because fashion is not only about how to mix and match, prefer the nice one or pick the best. But how we live in it.

For me Michael Ware is too stiff being narrator, but considering his background is field journalist and he is a man whom did his first Fashion Week reportase. I understood. But, if I can choose, I prefer him doing an interview than being a narrator because he is more relax and exciting.

Fashion reportase in Fashion TV is advertisement alike, but fashion reportase in Natgeo is science. I wish Natgeo provide more about fashion in science style like this J

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