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So, I born on 29th January, it’s meant I’m an aquarian, an aquarius woman ... Because this is my birthmonth, I did some research about my zodiac, just a little ... but it smash me, you know why? Because it’s sooo ... me ... haha

Let’s check this out ....

I do

Yes it does ... I’m heartless when I’m hurt (T.T)
Never promise me if you’re not sure (yet) would do. I always remember (actually, I can’t forget) for every promise that people made for me, especially for every broken promises. I’d tried my best for ignoring their promises, but, the more I trying the more I can’t forget.
Even my friends had the same taste.
You. Me. Done !!!
Seriously! This is my bad habit.

And I don’t need to explain what’s next .....

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